EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning, everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Looks like we are looking much calmer and a bit warmer today, no more rain chances in the forecast for now.

Expect a high of 96 degrees, tomorrow we are heating back up to the triple digits again.

Now as far as the East Coast, Hurricane Idalia made landfall this morning in Florida’s Big Bend Region near Keaton Beach as a major Category 3 Hurricane, after being downgraded from a Category 4.

A rare extreme wind warning was issued for life-threatening sustained winds of 115 mph or more. A tornado Watch is in place for nearly 12 million people across Central and Northern Florida and Southeast Georgia until 3pm.

There have already been reports of flooded roads, airports closed and power outages. Storm surge damage may stretch about 200 miles along Florida’s west coast, past the Tampa Bay area.

The track is expected to move through Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina before making its way offshore into the Atlantic Ocean. Give your relatives a call if they live in the Southeast.