Weather on the go: Afternoon storm chances and seasonal conditions remain in the forecast


Exclusive 9 day forecast:

El Paso, TX (KTSM) — The Borderland is looking ahead to another warm and humid day as temperature highs will reach the 90s and east moisture brings more chances for late afternoon storms.

Winds will remain calm throughout most of the day with speeds reaching 5-15 mph as they flow with moisture from the southeast.

Southern and gulf moisture will continue to push into the Borderland throughout Thursday and Friday, allowing for moisture to deepen across the area.

The added moisture, warm conditions and low pressure system will help trigger for later afternoon and evening storms, with better chances in the eastern areas.

Drying conditions, and hotter weather will take over the Borderland are come as early as Saturday lasting into the following work week.

Triple digits can return as early as Sunday lasting into the end of the week and the hottest day expecting to be 101 degrees.

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