Weather Authority Alert: A high-pressure system brings Gulf thunderstorms

Weather Forecasts

A high-pressure system staying towards the West of us will not only be keeping us well above average for Tuesday, but will be pulling in moisture from the Gulf coast causing thunderstorm chances.. 

The Borderland will stay in the high 70’s for Tuesday. Dew points are predicted to rise to the mid 50’s bringing high chances for rain. 

Winds will stay calm in the A.M. hours but will pick up as we near the evening hours reaching 10-20 mph

Rain clouds are expected to form in East El Paso by 1 P.M. and should strengthen into thunderstorms by 6 P.M.

These storms will bring possible chances for isolated hail storms  throughout the El Paso area. Las Cruces should not expect more than rain showers throughout the evening. 

The storms are predicted to dissipate into the early morning hours of Wednesday, drying out the Borderland into the end of the week. 

Above average temperatures will continue to rise these next few days, reaching over 10° above average (85°) by Thursday.

A low-pressure system from the Northwest will move above our region as we head into the end of the week, dropping us 12° Friday into Saturday. 

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