Thursday’s Weather on the go: Expecting to reach temperatures three degrees shy of 90°

Weather Forecasts

The Borderland will be nearing record-breaking temperatures for this Thursday. 

Wednesday we did surpass the expected high reaching 86°, we might expect to see the same thing today. 

A high-pressure system that has been warming the region up all we will continue to stick around warming the Borderland to the mid to high 80’s for Thursday.

We will stay dry as moisture will stay to the north of us. Breezy conditions are expected for your Friday as an upper-level disturbance moves our way.

A low-pressure system from the northwest will move fairly quickly in our direction Friday into Saturday, cooling us down close to 20°. 

Expect to drop from the mid 80’s Friday to the high 60’s Saturday. We will continue to see a cool down into Sunday leaving us with a below average weekend. 

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