Monday Weather on the go: Humid and hot day, increased rain chances

Weather Forecasts

Photo courtesy: Certified Weather Watcher Eddie Corral

Humid and unstable air will continue to come into the borderland area today.

Today, forecast highs will be hot and above average.

El Paso is looking to see a forecast high of 98°, which is 5° above average.

Las Cruces is looking to see a forecast high of 95°, which is only 2° above average.

Showers and storms will still be possible today, which is why we will keep a 20% chance in the forecast.

Mountain locations look to see more of a rain and storm chance today with the biggest threat being heavy rainfall and localized flash flooding.

If you are going to donate blood today please keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Stay hydrated; drink water before and after you donate
  • Eat a healthy meal before going to donations
  • Stay in the shade before donating; this will prevent overheating and risks of heat related illnesses
  • Wear a shirt with sleeves that are easy to roll up

An upper high that is to our west, will start to shift to the east tomorrow.

This means that we will see our storm chances increase Tuesday-Thursday as more humid air comes in from the south.

The hot temperatures and increased humid air, will create instability in our atmosphere.

Storms will be slow moving, meaning heavy rainfall and flash flooding will be possible Tuesday-Thursday.

So make sure you get sandbags ready if you live in a flood prone area.

It looks like our best chance to see these showers and storms will be in the afternoon and evening hours.

These rain and storm chances are subject to change, so stay updated with the latest conditions with your Weather Authority team on air and online.

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