Watch: Heavy rain hit El Paso overnight


Heavy rain fell on El Paso throughout Tuesday night flooding different areas.

Sergio Hernandez, a driver who lives in West El Paso, said he’s extra cautious when the roads are wet.

“Drive slow. Watch people behind you,” he said. 

In the Upper Valley near Doniphan and Talbot neighborhood, streets flooded.

If you see a flooded road use an alternate route.

Northeast El Paso got plenty of rain as well.

“It’s raining. It’s crazy. It’s flooding. There is a lot of flooding going on,” said Joe Fernandez. He lives in Northeast El Paso.

Although roads can become dangerous locals say this weather is refreshing.

“I do hope it continues raining because even though I’m not a big fan because like I said. It does bring people more to the outside,” said Hernandez.

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