First, we got to say happy birthday to Colin Deaver today. Just look at the delight in his eyes with his special cake.

As for the weather, could it get any better?? YES! Add three degrees to a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

TONIGHT:  The skies will be clear, and the winds will be light and variable at calm to 10 mph.  The low will be 52 at the airport, 48 in the valley. 

FORECAST:  Sunday will be mostly sunny and warmer with just a few afternoon clouds.  The SE winds will range from 5-15 mph, and the high will be 83.  Monday will be sunny and windy with a high of 87.  The SW winds will range from 10-35 mph.  On Tuesday, the winds get stronger as a low-pressure disturbance passes over.  West winds will gust to near 50 mph, which could stir up a dusty haze.  Tuesday’s high: 81.  Wednesday will be sunny with moderate winds and a high of 82.  Thursday will be mostly sunny and breezy with a high of 86.  Friday will be sunny with gusty winds in the afternoon and a high of 90.  Winds will gust to over 50 mph, which will stir up a dusty haze.  Saturday will be sunny with cooler winds and a high of 75.