Everyone who watches KTSM Weekend knows that Karla Draksler loves to bake. Though she claims they were delicious (she ate them all before she could bring me one), her special “French Macarons” look very good. Karla bought an old cookbook at an estate sale. It says “macaroons,” but Karla assures me that it is “Macaron” in French. Either way, the recipe is below. Enjoy. Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be clear overnight, and the breeze out of the SW will range from 5-10 mph.  The low will be warmer at 42. 

FORECAST:  Sunday will be mostly sunny with a few clouds and moderate winds in the afternoon.  The SW winds will gust to near 35 mph (no dust).  Sunday’s high: 77.  Monday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a high of 76.  Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and 75.  Wednesday will be cloudy with moderate winds (no dust) and a high of 73.  Thursday will start out with cloudy skies and a few showers and turn very windy as a low-pressure system moves through the Borderland.  SW winds will pick up and gust to near 50 mph, causing a dusty haze.  Thursday’s high: 70.  On Friday, the high of 53* will happen in the morning as a cold front blows in for the afternoon.  The NW winds will range from 15-45 mph and will feel very chilly at times.  Saturday will be mostly sunny but windy with a high of 54.  Sunday will be sunny with light winds and a high of 60.

Karla’s French Macarons