Warm, Gusty Winds, Two Cold Fronts, and Blowing Dust in Your 9-Day Forecast


I took this picture in Memorial Park. It’s my favorite park in El Paso, and my kids pretty much grew up there. Monday will be the perfect day to walk through it.

SUNDAY NIGHT:  The skies will be clear, and the chilly winds from the NW will slowly die down to calm overnight.  It will be a much colder night with a low of 28 at the airport.
FORECAST:  Monday will start out clear and cold but turn sunny with lighter winds and a high of 65.  The west winds will range from 5-10 mph.  Tuesday will be sunny and windy.  Those warmer winds will pop the high up to 72.  The SW winds will peak at 25 mph.  Wednesday will be sunny and windy again with a high of 70.  Another cold front comes in on Thursday with much cooler gusts, dropping the high of 59.  Friday will be partly cloudy and 65.  Saturday will be partly cloudy with very warm winds and a high of 71.  On Sunday (at this point, which is long-range), the winds will become quite strong with areas of blowing dust.  Sunday’s high: 60.

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