EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)- Another day with dry and breezy conditions are expected ahead of changes to come later this week.

Another dry day with relative humidity in the lower teens and breezy afternoon winds is expected.

An upper wave to our north will act as a wind maker and keep winds active today.

Winds will come from the west at 15-20 mph and gusts at 30 mph.

So, we will highly discourage any outdoor burning throughout the day.

Here are some examples of outdoor burning:

  • The use of outdoor fire pits or grills 
  • The burning of weeds or trash
  • Properly dispose of cigarettes
  • Check your car for any fire hazards that could create sparks on the road

Warm conditions are expected throughout the day, as well, with forecast highs in the mid-to-upper 90s.

In El Paso, we are forecasting a high of 96°, which is right on point with today’s average high.

In Las Cruces, we are forecasting a high of 92°, which is 4° below average.

Winds will calm down tonight, so you can expect a mild and calm overnight across the borderland.

Changes come to our weather tomorrow as moisture starts to slowly work its way back into the borderland.

Showers and slight storm chances will increase tomorrow as moisture moves from our south to the north.

By Thursday, storm chances will increase with the biggest threats being strong downburst winds and localized heavy rainfall and flooding.

Rain and storm chances will stay in the forecast Friday and into the Fourth of July weekend with the same storm threats.

This means, as of right now, we are expecting a soggy Independence Day in the Sun City.

Temperatures throughout the week will stay seasonal to slightly above average. This means you can expect forecast highs to stay in the mid-to-upper 90s and shying away from 100°.

Looking ahead to next week, rain and storm chances will stay in the forecast for the start of the week.

We could see the return of 100° days as soon as Tuesday, so stay hydrated and prepare for the heat early.

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