Tips on how to drive safely on wet roads


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – With rain in the forecast this week and next, there are certain tips the Las Cruces Police Department would like for you to keep in mind when hitting the road during wet weather.

Motorists should slow down, and allow for more travel time when driving in wet weather.

  • As you approach a stop sign or a red light, drivers should begin slowing down sooner and apply gentle brake pressure. Do not slam on your brakes.
  • Give larger vehicles, like trucks and buses, more room for stops and turns.
  • Avoid making sudden turns or lane changes.
  • Drive around puddles as sitting water may be deeper than what it appears.
  • Never attempt to drive through flooded arroyos or running water. Even when driving a truck or SUV, fast-moving water can easily overcome it. Turn Around, don’t drown!
  • Drive with headlights on for safety and stay alert to surrounding traffic and changing weather conditions.
  • If rain is too heavy or streets are flooded, pull over to a safe distance from the roadway – in a parking lot or away from traffic – until conditions improve.
  • When thunder roars, go indoors, as lightning tends to strike taller objects, and can strike 10 miles from the original storm.
  • Stay clear of and avoid driving over any downed power lines, as they may still be live, and can electrocute you.

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