Tips for windy trash, recycle pick-up days

Windy conditions along I-10

A high wind warning has been issued for East El Paso County, which means we will see winds stronger than 40 mph and gusts stronger than 58 mph. 

This winds will be strong enought to bring down trees and power lines, and toss around outdoor belongings. 

This is why the City of El Paso Environmental Services Department encourages residents to take extra precautions when rolling out their trash and recycling bins to and from the curb.

Trash and recycling bins can be tipped over and blown onto streets or sidewalks with 35 mph winds. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind this windy season:

  • If your blue recylcing bin is less than half full, wait until your next scheduled pick-up to put out your bin. This will prevent loose recyclables from being blown onto the streets. 
  • Once your bins have been emptied, bring them in to reduce the chances of your bins being blown over, creating hazardous conditions for pedestrians and drivers. If you lose a bin or have one blown into your property, please dial 311.
  • Be sure to place one hand on the lid when rolling in your emptied bins. Injuries may occur if you’re rolling out your bin and the wind blows the lid open.
  • The winds also impact the landfill operations. Due to the high winds, the Greater El Paso Landfill and Citizen Collection Stations may close or change operating hours. To verify hours during windy days, please call (915) 212-6000.

We should see winds calming down just in time for the weekend. However, our next strong storm system is moving in Monday, bringing in another stretch of strong winds.

Tune in to KTSM 9 News for your full forecast. 

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