Three more warm days before gusty cold front


FRIDAY NIGHT:  The skies will be clear with a steady breeze from the west at 5-15 mph.  The low will be 30.
FORECAST:  Saturday will be mostly sunny with a few clouds.  The winds will pick up in the afternoon, from the SW at 10-25 mph.  This will pop the high up to 69.  Late afternoon, the winds will shift NW with a very mild “cool” front.  Sunday will be sunny and beautiful with light winds and a high of 64.  On Monday, the winds will be stronger in the afternoon, driving the high up to 70.  Skies will be mostly sunny.  On Tuesday, a significant cold front pushes in with strong, gusty, chilly winds and mostly cloudy skies.  Tuesday’s high:  49*.  Wednesday will be mostly cloudy and windy with a high of 54.  Thursday will be cloudy with rain and a high of 58.  Friday turns partly cloudy and 62.

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