The National Weather Service predicts “dry conditions” 2021’s Spring Outlook


El Paso, TX (KTSM) — The Borderland may still be in the middle of winter but the National Weather Service is already looking at Spring.

Meteorologist Jason Laney explains he wouldn’t be surprised to see a continuing trend of hot weather this year. The temperatures in 2020 were record-breaking and one of the hottest years seen.

“I would not be at all surprised to see one or two additional records fall by the wayside especially when it comes to temperatures and those being warmer than normal for us,” Laney said.

The southwest continues to endure one of the worst droughts in nearly a decade after seeing a devastating monsoon in 2020 and arrival of La Nina in the fall.

“Last spring when we were putting together a long range output we were dealing with La Nino going into neutral conditions this time we’re leaving La Niña headed into neutral conditions,” Laney explained. “It’s looking like this spring is going to be drier than last spring was”.

One thing for this spring is for sure, winds will play a factor like usual.

“Cold air usually comes along with high-pressure and warmer air creates lower pressure and that’s what creates wind,” said Laney. “Wind is all about went into moving from high to low and when there’s a big temperature difference… you get big pressure differences and that leads to pretty big winds”.

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