I must be rubbing off on Stephanie Shields because she planted a tree in her front yard. I asked her which side of town she lives on… west side, east side, or northeast right next to the mountain. Ooooo…. she’s right next to the mountain on the northeast side, which is of course the area with the strongest winds in town. Hopefully, the support stick will be big enough to hold it through Spring. Here’s your windy forecast…

Stephanie’s New Tree… Let’s hope it survives the winds

TONIGHT:  The skies will be mostly clear, and the gusty winds will slowly diminish through the night.  West winds will range from 10-30 mph, and the eastern slopes of the mountain will experience stronger gusts.  The low will be 57.

FORECAST:  Wednesday will be sunny with stronger afternoon winds.  The west winds will pick up by midday and gust to over 40 mph.  This will likely stir up a dusty haze, and the high will be 86.  Thursday will be sunny and windy with moderate gusts in the afternoon.  The west will range from 10-30 mph, and the high will be 83.  On Friday, slightly cooler air and lighter winds combine for a gorgeous day.  Friday’s high: 80.  Saturday will be sunny with light winds and a high of 87.  Sunday will be mostly sunny with moderate winds and a high of 88.  Winds will gust to near 35 mph.  On Monday, the winds will be much stronger causing a dusty haze.  Monday’s high: 90.