EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday! Well we saw plenty of rain overnight once again and expect a lot more of it pretty soon!🌧

Expected high of 93 degrees, winds very calm at around 5-10mph.

So make sure to drive carefully on those wet roads this morning, we even saw more activity this morning by Socorro and Horizon so be careful with those slick roads and make more time for your morning commute!💧 🚗 🚙

Expect heavy rain for the next two days so hold onto those umbrellas and raincoats.☔️👢🌂

We are forecasting 20% chance of rain for your Wednesday, 30% on Thursday and Friday and then decreasing to 10% for your weekend.

Expect a hot and humid weekend and those triple digits next Monday.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!