EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Humpday! Expect 70s and rain chances for the rest of the week!💧💧💧

Got to see a lot of rain across town last night, be careful on those roads this morning! We even saw hail on the East side last night!

Expect a high of 76 degrees today! Definitely grab those sweaters and umbrellas this morning!🧥🌂Maybe even a hot cup of coffee we are finally feeling that fall weather!☕️

We are also forecasting rain up until the weekend! Expect another round of heavy rain tonight, expect isolated showers in the afternoon hours, however, most of that rain will be in the late evening hours around 10-11pm.🌧☔️🌂

Expect low 70s starting tomorrow for your Thursday.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!☀️