EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday! Well we saw a lot of rain yesterday afternoon! Especially out in Clint, Socorro and Horizon!🌧

Those storms started forming around 5-6pm and lasted around 10pm so there could potentially be some localized flooding out there this morning, be careful if you are coming from that direction!

As far as today though expect a high of 98 degrees, winds very calm at around 5-10mph.

Eastsiders got to see some pretty heavy rain for about 20 minutes.

So make sure to drive carefully on those wet roads this morning!💧 🚗 🚙 Expect more rain these next two days so hold onto those umbrellas and raincoats.☔️👢🌂

We are forecasting 30% chance Thursday and Friday and then those rain chances will decrease into your weekend as those temperatures rise into triple digits next week.

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!