EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! Expect a much cooler and rainier week!💧💧💧 

I hope you had an amazing fun filled weekend! I definitely did! I actually made it out to Apple Fest and Nichol’s Ranch and Orchards this past Saturday!

Got myself a variety of pecan cookies, caramel apples and even a cherry and caramel apple pie!🍎🍏🥧 Yum!!

We did get hit with a little bit of rain and heavy winds as soon as we got there but no worries! After 10 minutes of waiting in the car we got some sunshine and a beautiful rainbow!🌈

As far as this week however expect some rain heading our way!☔️ Expect some moisture to move into the Borderland area from Mexico by hurricane Orlene.

Expect a high of 83 degrees, but we do expect to drop to the 70s by Wednesday so grab those sweaters as well!🧥

Have a great start to the week everyone!!☀️