EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone!⛅️ Happy Monday! Expect a calm, warm day before a surge of moisture moves in tomorrow.💧💧💧

Well we had such beautiful weather this past weekend that I wanted to share this picture I took Saturday at Nichols Ranch and Orchards in New Mexico when I went apple picking!🍎🍏🌳

Definitely take advantage and stop by while they are still in season! They were so juicy and sweet and now I have a month supply that I can later turn to apple pies for my coworkers!🍎🥧 

As for your Monday it is going to be another beautiful day just like we saw over the weekend but it is the calm before the storm.

Expect a high of 99 degrees with only 10% chance of rain.💧

However, tomorrow we are forecasting 50% chance of rain! We do expect to see some severe storms and heavy rainfall Tuesday night into Wednesday morning and 40% chance of rain throughout the rest of the week. So keep those umbrellas handy🌂🌧 we could potentially even see some flooding Wednesday and Thursday morning.

We will see those temperatures potentially drop to the 80s these next couple of days so enjoy the cooler temps!

Have a terrific Monday everyone!