EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!⛅️ Well take a look outside you might notice two bright circles this morning! You’ll notice a full moon!🌕 Also known as a “Buck Moon” or “Super Thunder Moon,” in Capricorn, meaning those going through emotional troubles will have a strong urge to be productive. So for all those Capricorns out there, send those moon pictures our way!

Here’s an amazing shot of the full moon by our amazing Weather Watchers and friends over at Socorro Valley Farms!

As for your weather we are expecting a high of 100 degrees, triple digits once again with 20% chance of rain, as well as Thursday and then those rain chances will decrease to 10% for your weekend

Expect the most rain towards the end of the week but those rain chances will decrease for your weekend.🌧💧👢🌂

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!