EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Good morning everyone! Expect minimal rain chances for today before a cold front moves in next week.💧 💧 💧 

I did want to start of with an update on Hurricane Ian which was weakened into a tropical storm has now established back into a hurricane Category 1. It is not looking too good for the East Coast they are going to be severely impacted over the weekend. So far there has been up to 2.5 million people that have lost power due to this storm. Below is a look of the radar taken at 9am Friday morning.

The storm did move offshore into the Atlantic ocean before strengthening and making a second landfall in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Back at home in El Paso, expect a high of 86 degrees with very slight rain chances☔️ for today and cloudy skies.

Staying seasonal in the 80s throughout your weekend before a cold front moves in Tuesday of next week bringing more moisture🌧 and cooler temps in the 70s! So get ready to bundle up a little more next week!🧥

Have a safe, fun weekend everyone!!☀️