Rain could bring relief to the Borderland, welcome in an ongoing drought


El Paso, TX (KTSM) — After more than four months since the Borderland saw its last good measurable rainfall, a strong Pacific system is moving in the southwest direction, which may bring some relief to the ongoing drought.

“It’s more like having a steady rainfall across the area, and we did get that in the past but it’s been four months, since back in September,” said Jason Laney, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

“We were heading into the drought, and what it did was slow the drought progression down, but it didn’t do away with it, and since that time we (have) seen little to no precipitation to speak of,” added Laney.

Since December, the Borderland saw an increase in drought levels reaching extreme highs (D3), which has left many meteorologists and forecasters worried.

“There’s a much worse category than that and its exceptional drought and if we don’t get some good rain in the next few weeks or months, we could head into that as well,” Laney explained.

Because of this, experts have directed plenty of their attention to any system headed our way that shows signs of precipitation.

“This system goes against everything that we could expect for this time of year, but given the fact that we’re in La Nina, this is cut off,” said Laney. “Not only does it have a moisture tap, but if you look at the source region for the moisture, it’s tropical.”

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