What do you get the father who has everything?? The threat of strong t-showers, of course, which is exactly what we could see on Father’s Day.

Hint of what to get dad from a father of three: He just wants to spend time with all his children. Don’t stress over gifts; give dad your time. Dads, if you do receive a gift, please make an over-the-top facial expression of joy (sample below). Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be partly cloudy with isolated area showers and t-showers.  Most of the heavier rainfall will come down in southwestern New Mexico tonight.  Late evening, the skies will clear up, and the low will be 72.  The SE winds will range from 5-20 mph.

FORECAST:  Father’s Day will start out sunny and beautiful but end with potentially strong t-showers and brief, heavy rainfall.  The high will climb to 97, and we can expect those late day t-showers to crop up with the afternoon heating.  The south winds will range from 5-20 mph.  Monday will be partly to mostly cloudy with widely scattered showers and t-showers.  Some storms may reach severe limits with the threat of brief, heavy rainfall.  Monday’s high: 92. Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and cooler with a high of 88.  Expect more scattered showers and t-showers.  On Wednesday, the moisture slowly begins to move to the west.  We’ll see isolated showers and t-storms as the high goes up to 95.  Thursday will be mostly sunny and dry with a high of 98.  Friday will be sunny and 99.  Saturday will be sunny and 100.