Just before I graduated from the University of Arizona with my second degree in Atmospheric Physics, I went to L.A. and was the second named called to “come on down” on the Price is Right. It was March of 1995, so Bob Barker was still the host. He was amazing. During the commercial breaks, he would tell stories and jokes… a true entertainer. No, I never made it out of Contestant’s Row, but I did get to shake his hand. Rest in Peace, Bob Barker.

TONIGHT:  The skies will be partly cloudy early in the evening with clear skies overnight.  The SE winds will range from 5-10 mph, and the low will drop to 75.

FORECAST:  Sunday will start out sunny, but the afternoon clouds will build up.  Expect a slight chance of isolated or pinpoint showers with the afternoon heat.  Sunday’s high will be 98, and the SE winds will range from 5-20 mph.  On Monday, a “cool front” will turn the winds NE at 10-25 mph.  We’ll see a much better chance of t-showers on Monday with a high of 92.  Tuesday will be partly cloudy and 93 with a few pinpoint showers.  Wednesday will be sunny and 96.  Thursday will be sunny and 97.  Friday will be sunny and 99.  Saturday will be mostly sunny and 100.