On this Pearl Harbor Day, let me share a personal story. My grandfather, Stuart Swacker, was a young communications lieutenant on the USS California when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened. He was in the radio room near the bridge when the first bomb hit. In the picture below, I put an arrow to indicate his ship. All of his decedents, including myself, give thanks to God that he got off safely. Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be partly cloudy with a few lingering showers here and there early evening.  Overnight, the skies will slowly clear.  The moisture in the air along with rapid cooling could leave us with a little patchy fog early in the morning.  The SW winds will range from calm to 10 mph, and the low will be 40.

FORECAST:  Thursday will be a beautiful day with mostly sunny skies and light winds from the NW at 5-15 mph.  The high will climb to 64.  On Friday, enjoy mostly sunny skies with just a few clouds and a high of 68.  We get even warmer on a sunny Saturday with a high of 70.  Sunday will be sunny with warm breezes and a high of 71.  Prepare for strong, gusty winds on Monday.  The day will start out sunny but turn cloudy and windy by late afternoon.  Monday will be 69, and the SW-west winds will gust to near 50 mph.  A significant cold front blows in on Tuesday.  Tuesday will be cloudy with rain and a high of only 50*, which could happen early in the morning.  On Wednesday, the clouds clear out, but chilly winds will keep the high at only 49.

An image of what is believed to be the first bomb dropped on Pearl Harbor. The arrow points to the USS California. You can see the Japanese bomber flying away.