Saturday’s weather will be “perfect” or at least nearly perfect. I looked up the definition of PERFECT:

  1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type
  2. excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement

I’ll let you decide if Saturday is perfect or not. I know one thing… it will be close. Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be clear tonight, and the westerly winds will slowly die down to nearly calm winds by morning.  The west wind will range from 5-20 mph, and the low will drop to 36. 

FORECAST:  Saturday will be a nearly perfect day with lots of sunshine and even lighter winds. The SW winds will range from 5-15 mph, and the high will pop up to 69.  Sunday will be mostly sunny with a few clouds and moderate winds in the afternoon.  The SW-west winds will gust to near 35 mph (no dust).  Sunday’s high: 75.  Monday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a high of 76.  Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and 72.  Wednesday will be cloudy and cooler with a high of 63 and a few raindrops possible here and there.  Thursday will start out with cloudy skies and a few showers and turn very windy as a low-pressure system moves through the Borderland.  SW winds will pick up and gust to near 50 mph, causing a dusty haze.  Thursday’s high: 53*, which will occur in the morning.  The winds through the day will be quite chilly.