Eggs have become a bit expensive, but it’s Easter!! So let’s celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with beautiful eggs for the Bunny to hide. Karla shares a traditional idea from Croatia for decorating Easter eggs. Here are the steps:

Karla’s Special Croatian Easter Eggs
  1. Boil the eggs except for one, which is needed for its egg whites
  2. Dye the eggs (optional)
  3. Cut out small pieces of napkins or tissue that have a pretty design
  4. Place the little pieces on the dry eggs, wherever you wish
  5. Use a small brush, and paint over each piece of paper with egg white

The egg white will act as a natural seal to hold the design on the egg. Enjoy! Your forecast is below…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be mostly clear with just a few clouds clear and there.  The moderate winds will slowly die down to a light breeze.  Variable winds will range from calm to 10 mph overnight, and the low will be 52. 

FORECAST:  Easter Sunday will be weather blessing, nearly perfect with light winds and lots of sunshine.  The variable winds will range from 5-15 mph, and the high will be 82.  On Monday, look for partly cloudy skies with a high of 81. Winds will shift east at 10-20 mph, so the west side will be a bit windy.  Tuesday will be sunny and warmer with a high of 84.  Expect warm breezes in the afternoon.  Wednesday will be sunny with warm breezes to 25 mph.  Wednesday’s high will be 89.  Thursday will be mostly sunny with gusty winds in the afternoon.  Expect gusts near 55 mph.  Thursday’s high: 87.  Friday will be partly cloudy with strong winds gusting to near 60 mph.  Expect blowing dust and a high of 80.  Saturday will be sunny and cooler with light winds.