Monday Weather on the go: A hot start to the week, more rain and storm chances this week

Photo courtesy: Certified Weather Watchers Kevin and Ginger Parker

Hot temperatures are expected for the start of the week, but we are not counting out the chance for showers and storms in some area of the borderland today.

Today, temperatures are expected to be in the upper 90s and triple digits across the borderland.

Hot temperatures will persist for the start of the week, with the hottest day expected to be tomorrow.

Tomorrow, forecast highs look to be between 101°-103° across the borderland.

Keep in mind, the hottest day we have seen so far this year was on July 10, 2019 with a high of 104°.

Keep in mind, humid air will remain in the atmosphere, this means rain and storm chances will increase stay in the forecast this week.

Today, rain and isolated storm chances will mostly stay in Southwestern New Mexico.

Deep moisture and instability in the atmosphere will keep storm chances in the forecast for today especially in the Gila region and in areas north and west of El Paso.

Stray storms are possible and we could continue to follow the pattern of seeing pop up and isolated storms in some other areas of the borderland this evening.

A slight increase in humid air will come in Tuesday night until the weekend.

Slow moving storms will come into the areas on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

These storms will be capable of creating localized heavy rainfall in some areas of the borderland.

Storm coverage looks to be scattered, especially on Wednesday in the Gila and Bootheel regions as well as the Sacramento Mountains.

Thursday through the weekend, we will keep rain and isolated storm chances in the forecast.

Temperatures are expected to drop back into the 90s by Thursday, which will kick off a cooling trend that look to put us in normal temperatures by next Tuesday.

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