“Moderately Windy” Sunday (meaning no dust); Several Dusty Days and Two Cold Fronts Next Week – Your 9-Day Forecast


“No chipping!” Unless your a bird, and then it’s “No chirping.” I snapped this pic on a beautiful, moderately windy day at Lone Star Golf Course.

SATURDAY NIGHT:  The skies will be clear, and the winds will be moderately gusty for a while, especially on the east side.  The west winds will gust to near 25 mph before dying down.  The low will be 54.
FORECAST:  Sunday will be mostly sunny with a few high, thin clouds in the afternoon.  By afternoon, the moderate winds will pick up and gust to between 25 and 30 mph.  This should be below the blowing dust threshold.  The high will be a warmer 87.  Monday will be mostly sunny with a few clouds and a high of 86.  The SW winds will be warm and breezy to 20 mph.  Tuesday will be gusty in the afternoon, and we could see a bit of a dusty haze.  Tuesday’s high:  87.  Wednesday will be partly to (at times) mostly cloudy with a high of 89.  The winds will be fairly strong by Wednesday afternoon, gusting to near 40 mph with a dusty haze.  A mild cold front comes in on Thursday will be mostly cloudy and cooler with a high of 79.

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