Meteorological Spring starts now; weather experts explain


El Paso, Texas (KTSM) — The Borderland is starting off Meteorological Spring fairly cool. What is Meteorological Spring? Here is a quick explanation.

“Everyone is aware of the four seasons, but the four seasons are actually classified for us quite differently in the meteorological community, instead of going by the position of the sun, we go over a course of months,” said Jason Laney with the National Weather Service.

This means meteorologists and forecasters don’t follow astronomical seasons; instead, they label the spring seasons as including March, April and May.

“One of the big reasons is for record-keeping, believe it or not. If you were to ask me how many times we’ve been below freezing on Christmas Day, that would be easy to do because its always on the same day,” Laney explained. “But if you asked me the same thing about Thanksgiving, that’s where it would get confusing.”

A lot of that has to do with our leap years because it doesn’t take 365 days to move around the sun — it takes 365 and one-quarter days.

“We want to keep our records and say the summer was this hot this year and the fall this cool this year, but if we go through the calendar dates that would be difficult because it’s always changing,” said Laney.

As for spring, we’re looking forward to a dry warm and, yes, windy season.

Spring and fall tend to always be windy and oscillating as they’re transitioning seasons from winter to summer and vise versa. So get ready, El Paso — spring is unofficially here.

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