A lot of people are shopping for Christmas this weekend and next week, which is “Cyber Week.” Karla Draksler has already bought a festive, holiday scarf for her dog Tonks. Tonks is ready for his walk on Sunday, which should be a gorgeous day. Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be clear, and those moderately gusty winds will slowly die down through the night tonight.  Expect a steady breeze all night on the eastern slopes, and that steady morning breeze will keep the low at 40.
FORECAST:  Sunday will be sunny and beautiful with a high of 66.  The SW winds will be much lighter at 5-20 mph.  Monday will be mostly sunny and windy with a high of 70.  SW winds will range from 10-35 mph.  Tuesday will also be very windy with gusts approaching 50 mph.  We could even see a dusty haze at times on Tuesday.  Tuesday’s high: 70.  Cooler winds drop the high to 60 on Wednesday.  Skies will be clear.  On Thursday, warm breezes warm us back up to 70.  Friday will be partly cloudy with warm winds and a high of 73.  Saturday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a few drops here and there and a high of 69.

Karla’s Dog Tonks