Thank you to all our Weather Watchers who sent us fantastic snow pictures today. I’ve included a few of those great pics below. However, for me, the picture of the day was Stephanie Shields’ daughter Maddie (pic below) who made her snowman INSIDE. Yes, why shiver outside in the blustery winds when you can have mom bring the snow inside where it’s warm? Maybe the snowman won’t last as long, but heck!! Super fun! Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  A Wind Advisory is posted until 8 PM.  The NW winds will range from 15-45 mph with stronger gusts on the east slopes of the mountain.  Slowly, those cold, gusty winds will diminish overnight.  Skies will slowly clear as the winter storm system heads quickly to the east. The low will drop to 32.

FORECAST:  Friday will be warmer with much lighter winds and a lot of sunshine.  The west winds will pick up in the afternoon and gust to near 25 mph.  With a high of 62, the skies will be sunny.  On Saturday, enjoy another sunny day with even lighter winds. The SW winds will range from 5-15 mph, and the high will pop up to 69.  Sunday will be mostly sunny with a few clouds and moderate winds in the afternoon.  The SW-west winds will gust to near 35 mph (no dust).  Sunday’s high: 75.  Monday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a high of 75.  Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and 74.  Wednesday will be cloudy and cooler with a high of 69.  Thursday will be cloudy with a few raindrops.

Maddie’s “Indoor Snowman”
Organ Desert Peaks by Mike Franco
Franklin Mountains by Jacqueline Caton
Organ Mountains taken from far Northeast El Paso by Jacqueline Caton