Lawn Lovers, if you’re like me, you love green grass all winter long (pic below). Well, I’ve issued a LAWN ALERT because we are down to the last few days that you can plant seasonal ryegrass. Here are the steps:

  1. Mow your lawn very short and dethatch any dead grass.
  2. Spread the seasonal ryegrass over the existing grass generously.
  3. Apply a non-weed-n-feed fertilizer with high nitrogen.
  4. Water in!

Your new lawn should sprout within 7 to 10 days! The best part: ryegrass stays green even in freezing temperatures and requires far less water than Bermudagrass. Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  Enjoy a mild Football Friday Night.  Expect mostly clear skies with just a few clouds.  The SW-west winds will range from 5-20 mph, breezy at times, and the low will drop to 64.

FORECAST:  Saturday will be warm and moderately windy with partly cloudy skies.  The SW winds will pick up in the afternoon and gust to 30+mph.  The skies will be partly cloudy, and the high will climb to a very warm 85.  On Sunday, Weather Authority Alert!  A powerful low-pressure system will stir up the winds by afternoon.  Those gusty winds will gust to near 50 mph, stirring up a dusty haze.  The skies will be partly to mostly cloudy on Sunday.  On Monday, those powerful winds turn much, much cooler with a high of 62.  Expect a chance of passing rain showers on Monday in addition to the chilly, gusty winds. Tuesday morning will start out clear and cold, but Tuesday afternoon will be beautiful with a high of 68.  Wednesday will be sunny and 75.  Thursday will be mostly sunny but very windy as another system approaches.  Thursday’s high: 74.  Friday will be cooler after the passage of a cold front.  Friday’s high: 68.