It has been 22 years since El Pasoans woke up to snow on Christmas morning. According to the National Weather Service, snow is not in the forecast. However, the snow in years past brings back memories for many El Pasoans.

“I absolutely remember it, it was 1997 the year that my daughter Bailey was born,” said Wes Benson from the Upper Valley.

1997 was the last time there was snow on Christmas Day in El Paso. When we had one inch of snowfall, however, there were still some notable white winder days over the years.

  • 2.4 inches on Christmas Eve 2011
  • 8.1 inches on December 26th 2015
  • 2.3 inches on December 29th 2018

“I do remember it snowing in 2015 right after Christmas it covered our whole front lawn and we went out and made snowman and it had been years because I think I was a small child from when I remembered that before,” said Mariana Hernandez from West El Paso.

The snowfall we got back in 2015 doesn’t compare to El Paso’s all time record. “All time record here in El Paso was December of 1987 that month we received 26 inches of snowfall here in El Paso which blows away all of our records,” said Connor Dennhardt, a Meteorologist for the National Weather Service.

With temperatures still in the 60’s some days this winter, the National Weather Service says your best bet for a white Christmas is to drive up to the mountains. They say that we could see some snow in January.

“The peak times for snow right here in El Paso typically lands in January we do get some snow in late December most notably in 2015 and 2011 but typically the majority of snow falls in January when it’s finally a little bit colder down here on the valley floor,” said Dennhardt.

Although the odds are not high for a white Christmas, El Pasoans are still hopeful.

“We would love it but we don’t think it’s going to happen not this year but we would love a white Christmas it would be great,” said Elisa Kahn an El Pasoan.