The weather was so beautiful that I decided to do a little gardening after church. Luckily, I have a helper. My Porch Kitty, a cat who adopted us 10 years ago and no longer lives on the porch but inside, loves to sit with me while I garden.

Porch Kitty Helping Me Garden

Karla, on the other hand, has a NON-helper. Her dog Tonks does NOT want to do laundry. However… Tonks is so cute, who wants to do laundry??

TONIGHT:  The skies will be clear.  The SW winds will range from 5-20 mph but will calm down overnight.  The low will be 56. 

FORECAST:  Monday will be sunny with warm afternoon breezes and a high of 91.  The winds will be a little lighter on Monday, out of the SW at 5-20 mph.  Tuesday will be partly cloudy with warm breezes and a high of 92.  The strongest winds come in on Wednesday.  SW-West winds will gust to near 45 mph, stirring up a dusty haze.  The high will be 91.  On Thursday, a very mild cool front drops the high to 85.  Friday will be partly cloudy and 88.  Something strange happens for Mother’s Day weekend.  It’s unusual to get monsoon-like moisture this early in the year, but additional moisture will mean a chance of evening t-storms both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday’s high: 89.  Mother’s Day: 85. Monday will be partly to mostly cloudy with a chance of isolated showers. Monday’s high: 84.