Didn’t it feel wonderful this morning, a lot like Fall? If you’re longing for Fall as much as I am, I took a very special picture below. Can you guess what it is? (Suspenseful pause.) It’s the corn slowly growing at the La Union Corn Maze!! Yes, nothing says “Fall” like a corn maze.

I am very concerned about tropical moisture and a low-pressure system heading our way Tuesday night. Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be partly cloudy.  We’ll have only the slightest chance of a stray shower here or there… nothing major.  The NE winds will range from 5-10 mph, and the low will be 70.  The skies should turn clear overnight.
FORECAST:  Sunday will start out sunny and end up partly cloudy.  We’ll see the slightest chance of isolated area showers… nothing major.  The high will go up to 96, and the SE winds will range from 5-15 mph.  Monday will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with a very slight chance of isolated area showers.  Monday’s high will be 97, and the SE winds will range from 5-15 mph.  On Tuesday, tropical moisture and a low-pressure system from the Gulf of Mexico will start to pass over the Borderland.  Tuesday will turn mostly cloudy with potentially strong t-showers by Tuesday evening.  We’ll experience the threat of heavy rainfall from Tuesday evening through Wednesday.  Tuesday’s high: 88.  Wednesday will be cloudy with scattered showers and t-showers.  Some storms may produce heavy rainfall.  Wednesday’s high will only be 80.  On Thursday, the clouds begin to thin out after some scattered morning light showers.  Thursday’s high: 90.  Friday’s high will be 94 with late day storms.