In addition to the Weather Authority Alert, I am also issuing a LAWN ALERT (picture below). The next two weeks will be critical for getting control of your lawn and minimizing weeds as we head toward Spring. Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Cut your grass and de-thatch old, dead grass
  2. Apply a non-weed-n-feed PREEMERGENT treatment. I prefer preemergent because weed-n-feed products have a poison that can hurt trees, shrubs, and pets. The preemergent safely sterilizes the soil so weeds cannot germinate.
  3. Pull the weeds now before they multiply. If you simply cannot pull all those weeds, then use a weed killer in a spray and put a tiny bit on each weed. Please do not let it touch tree roots.
  4. Fertilize your lawn with a high nitrogen, iron supplement fertilizer. The 2% iron does wonders in the desert soil.

Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be partly to mostly cloudy overnight with light winds.  The variable winds will range from 5-10 mph, and the clouds will keep us warmer at 50.

FORECAST:  Weather Authority Alert:  A High Wind Warning is posted for the entire Borderland from 9 AM to 9 PM.  Sunday will start out partly cloudy with fairly light winds, but by afternoon, the SW-West winds will range from 15-55 mph with gusts approaching 70 mph.  This will stir up a dusty haze.  The skies will be partly to (at times) mostly cloudy, and the high will be 67.  Sunday night, the winds will turn quite chilly with a low dropping to 34.  Monday will be sunny and cooler with a high of 59.  The NW winds will gust to near 30 mph.  Tuesday will be partly cloudy and warmer with a high of 68.  Wednesday will be another one of “those days” with powerful, gusty winds and blowing dust.  The winds will pop the high to 72.  Thursday will be partly to mostly cloudy with chilly winds and a chance of a few raindrops.  The high will be 53*, but that could happen in the morning with cold winds through the day.  Friday will be sunny and 61.  Saturday will be partly cloudy and 72.