It’s the “dog days of summer” literally because, as you can see by the pic below, it’s the Animal Services “Clear the Shelters” Adopt-a-thon, where you can adopt a pet free of charge. See that larger-than-average pooch giving me a kiss? Her name is Sophia Mia, and after over a year in the shelter, sad and longing for a home, she was adopted today!! She was so excited and happy!! The Adopt-a-Thon is going on all month long.

As for the heat part of the “dog days of summer,” get ready for another mini-heat wave! Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The skies will be partly cloudy with a few isolated showers and t-showers here and there, hit-or-miss.  Late evening, the skies will start to clear up.  The SE winds will range from 5-15 mph, and the low will drop to 74.
FORECAST:  High pressure is again building up over the Borderland.  Sunday will start out sunny with afternoon clouds.  The high will get very close to 100.  There is only the slightest chance of a stray area storm; otherwise, it will be hot and dry day.  The SE winds will range from 5-15 mph.  Monday will be very hot with a high of 102.  The skies will be mostly sunny, and we should be storm-free.  On Tuesday, the high will be 100 with partly cloudy skies.  Tuesday night will bring a slight chance of late day t-storms.  Wednesday will be partly cloudy and 99 with widely scattered t-showers in the evening.  Thursday will be partly cloudy with a high of 97 and a slight chance of storms.  Friday will again touch 100 with a last surge of high pressure.  There’s only a slight chance of late day storms Friday.  Saturday will be partly cloudy with potentially strong t-showers that evening.