Your 9-Day Forecast: Gusty winds, dusty haze late Sunday, snow in New Mexico


SATURDAY NIGHT:  The skies will be partly to mostly cloudy.  The SW winds will range from 10-20 mph, keeping the low at a warmer 43.

FORECAST:  Sunday will start out fairly mild with steady breeze from the southwest. The skies will be mostly sunny, and the high will be 68. Late in the afternoon, the winds will begin to increase in strength. Southwest winds will gust to between 30 mph and 40 mph. Late day, those winds will start to turn North with an advancing cold front for Monday. The winds could be strong enough to stir up a dusty haze at times. Monday will be partly cloudy with chilly winds and a high of 52. In the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, snow accumulation will be likely above 4,000 feet. The winds will die down Monday night. Tuesday will start out quite cold with a low of 26. Tuesday will be mostly sunny with a high of 60. Wednesday will be windy, cloudy, and warm with a high of 70. Expect a few raindrops on Wednesday evening. 

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