We have a special treat tonight: a Flower Blood Super Moon. What in the world (or out of this world) is that? When is the best time to see it? Tonight, thankfully, the skies will be clear, perfect for viewing.  It’s called a “Flower” Moon because it is a full moon in May, which is in Spring.  It’s called a “Blood” Moon because it is a lunar eclipse. The moon passes into Earth’s shadow, which scatters the light from the sun, making it appear orange and red.  It’s a “Super” Moon because it’s at its closet position to Earth in its orbit.  

Critical Times: The lunar eclipse starts at 8:28 pm. The peak blood moon is 10:11 pm. It ends at 11:55 pm.

Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  Enjoy clear skies and light winds from the SW at 5-10 mph.  The low will be 63.
FORECAST:  Monday could top out at 100 thanks to slightly stronger winds and the big ridge of high pressure parked right over the entire Southwest.  The SW winds will range from 10-25 mph with no dust.  We could see just a few clouds on Monday.  Tuesday will be sunny and breezy with a high of 95.  Wednesday will be sunny and windy with a high of 93.  The winds get even stronger on Thursday, gusting to near 35 mph.  Thursday’s high:  95.  Friday will be windy with a high of 91.  Saturday will be partly cloudy and cooler with a high of 87.  Sunday will be partly cloudy with moderate winds and a high of 93.  Monday will bring gusty winds and a high of 96.