Experts offer tips for fixing wind and hail damaged roofs before it turns into water damage


LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) – Winds in Las Cruces on Sunday were between 35 to 45 MPH, with wind gusts from 45 to 50 MPH. Roofing experts say this type of wind can easily blow shingles off roofs.

It’s something Las Cruces residents have been dealing with for years.

“We’ve been in this house since probably 1993, and probably the first year after we moved in we had wind damage from the shingles so we just removed those and went with the metal roof,” said Kenneth Nichols long time Las Cruces resident.

Las Cruces family chooses a tin roof after severe wind damage to their home.

Gilbert & Sons Roofing said that type of damage can be avoided saying the biggest mistake homeowners make when it comes to their roofs is waiting to have maintenance until there are already shingles missing or leaks.

Roof in need of maintenance.

They say roofs should be checked by a professional at least once a year. Roofing experts say the most common damage to roofs they see in the Borderland is wind damage. If wind damage isn’t fixed properly it could lead to bigger issues.

“Whenever the shingles do get blown off there is a possibility that the underlayment which is the felt paper or a synthetic underlayment that can be a potential hazard because that is what is actually waterproofing your home,” said Anthony Perez with Gilbert & Sons Roofing.

Gilbert and Sons said to withstand Borderland winds — roofs should have shingles made for up to 130 MPH wind.

Shingles made to withstand 130 MPH winds.

Once we’re out of the windy season we move right into monsoon season which is why Gilbert & Sons said it’s important to get any wind or hail damage fixed before it becomes water damage.

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