A heat advisory is issued for El Paso taking effect Tuesday.

Afternoon highs are expected to reach at or above 105° with overnight lows at or above 75°.

El Paso fits these parameters through Wednesday night, so we could see a high advisory last for a couple of days.

In fact, we could even see record highs these next few days.

Record heat expected this week.

Moisture begins to move back into the area, dropping afternoon highs a couple of degrees, taking us out of the Heat Advisory, but keeping El Paso in the triple digits.

Forecast for 07/18/2022

Our best chances for rain are expected Thursday and Friday of this week, so make sure to have sandbags handy.

As for the heat make sure you are following these rules:

Avoid the hottest part of the day: 10am-7pm.

If you do have to be outdoors, take plenty of breaks in the shade, stay hydrated and wear loose fitting, light colored clothing.

If you have pets outdoors, make sure they have plenty of share and water to stay safe from this dangerous heat.

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