Thursday’s cold front definitely brought a chill to El Paso and the Borderland area.

Forecast for 01/20/2022

Overnight lows are expected to fall below 27 degrees tonight, constituting a hard freeze. This means you need to bring in your pets, cover your plants and exposed pipes outdoors.

On top of the cold overnight lows, there is a slight breeze expected overnight, which means a significant wind-chill factor.

Wind-chill is basically your “feels-like” temperature, which is the temperature your body would feel after factoring in the wind. This is incredibly important if you have pets outdoors or if you must be outdoors during the overnight hours.

Friday morning is expected to start off rather cold, and it won’t be until mid-morning when we expect to slowly warm.

Temperatures Friday afternoon are expected to stay slightly below average, before warming to the low 60s next week.

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