I know what you’re thinking… Will dandelions ruin 2023 they way they ruined 2022?? No, my friends, together we can defeat those nasty weeds and have a beautiful lawn. Have you ever seen a small child pull a dandelion and then blow the spores all over the yard?? That’s like watching a horror movie!

Let’s be honest; the dandelion is nature’s perfect weed. However, with about a week of attention and effort, you can defeat them WITHOUT POISONS. Personally, I don’t use weed-n-feed products because they poison can harm trees and shrubs. Here’s my simply plan for defeating that dreadful pest.

  1. Pull as many of them as possible right away. Attempt to pull the entire root out if possible.
  2. If you do not have time to pull every dandelion, at least pull the yellow flowers as soon as you see them. The yellow flower springs up right before it transforms into that horrible ball of spores, so pull them fast.
  3. Finally, if you see a terrible ball of spores ready to take off and contaminate the yard, pick it immediately. Don’t pick the stem–cup your hand to grab the whole ball of spores so none escapes!!
  4. Even if all you can do is pick the yellow flowers and spore balls, you’ll stop the dandelions from multiplying!

The worst time of the year for dandelions is late winter/early Spring. If you get control of them now with a little work, the hotter months become less favorable for those weeds. Remember: see a yellow flower, pick it!!! Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  A Wind Advisory is posted until 7 PM, but then the winds will slowly start to die down.  NW winds will range from 15-45 mph.  The skies will be partly cloudy, and the low will drop to 56. 

FORECAST:  Sunday will be partly cloudy and slightly cooler with a high of 74.  Yes, the winds will pick up in the afternoon, out of the W-NW at 10-35 mph, but the winds will not be nearly as strong as they were Saturday.  On Monday, the high cools to 72 with mostly sunny skies.  Tuesday will be sunny and 75 with light winds.  Wednesday will be mostly sunny with warm, gusty winds and a high of 80.  Thursday will be mostly cloudy and cooler with a high of 69.  We could even see a few passing drops of rain on Thursday with moderately gusty winds.  Friday will be sunny and 68.  Saturday will be mostly cloudy and 67 with a few late evening/overnight showers.