The cold front definitely arrived early Saturday morning with thick clouds and a dramatic sunrise as captured by Cari Medeiros of Las Cruces in the picture below. We had a few raindrops here and there but nothing major. Tonight, the skies will be clear, and the temperatures will be colder. We’ll drop to 31 at the airport. Here’s your forecast…

TONIGHT:  The partly cloudy skies and the few raindrops here and there will clear away overnight.  The low will drop to 31, and the north breeze will range from calm to 10 mph.

FORECAST:  Sunday will be sunny and beautiful with light winds in the afternoon.  With a high of 66, the south-SW winds will range from 5-10 mph.  Monday will be sunny and 68.  Tuesday will be mostly sunny and 70.  The warm breezes on Tuesday will gust to near 20 mph.  Wednesday will start out sunny but turn partly cloudy and gusty with a high of 68.  Expect gusty winds from the SW at 15-50 mph.  This may stir up a dusty haze.  On Thursday, those winds turn chilly as the high drops to 58.  The skies will be partly cloudy.  Friday will be sunny with light winds and a high of 65.  Saturday will be sunny and 70.  Powerful winds with rain showers late day move in on Sunday.

Dramatic Sunrise by Cari Medeiros in Las Cruces