Chilly Winds Monday; Snow Showers Tuesday – 9 Day Forecast


SUNDAY NIGHT:  Weather Authority Alert:  A wind advisory remains in effect until 6 am Monday.  The winds winds will gust to near 45 mph, stirring up patchy dust.  Add in some light rain showers for a real mess.  The temperature will drop to 37.
FORECAST:  Monday will be partly to mostly cloudy and chilly with a high of 50.  The chilly NW winds will gust to near 35 mph, making the day feel pretty cold.  On Tuesday, a much colder system moves in.  Expect cloudy skies and a wintry mix of rain mixing over to light snow in the early morning and late evening.  Tuesday’s high:  45*, but temperatures will drop below freezing Tuesday night.  Wednesday will start out with a few clouds but turn perfectly sunny with a high of 50.  The winds will still feel chilly on Wednesday though they will be much lighter.  Thursday will be partly cloudy and 63.  Friday will be partly cloudy with a high of 69.  Saturday will turn cloudy and windy with a cold front.  A few showers will be possible with a high of 59.  Sunday will be sunny and 64.

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