EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Wednesday was the last day of the week with fairly calm conditions as we head closer to the weekend and into the new year with plenty of rain chances.

Thursday morning will be quite calm and sunny, but rain chances will pick up afternoon and especially evening.

Our daily high temperatures for tomorrow will be in upper 50s, average for this time of the year.

We’re expecting more rain on Friday morning and throughout the day with 80% chances.

Evening will have slight chances of rain, however those odds increase after midnight.

Saturday will be windy with 30% rain chances in the morning hours.

A cold front will move in going into Sunday, dropping overnight temperatures to mid 20s.

Sunday daily high will be below average in the upper 40s.

Overnight temperatures are now going below freezing point, so make sure you bring your pets inside. A good rule of thumb – if you are cold, they are cold too!