EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Late last week, the National Weather Service announced that the Borderland had officially seen an upgrade in drought levels. This comes after the Borderland saw several days of rain and snow in two weeks.

According to the NWS, El Paso and Las Cruces saw extreme drought conditions increase to exceptional drought conditions.

This drought that has gained attention, as it is the first the area has seen in nearly 10 years.

“We’re looking at seven to eight months worth of drought, so even though we may see a couple of rain events here and there, it’s not really going to put a dent in the overall effect of things,” explained NWS Meteorologist Jason Laney.

“We’re actually only 16 percent of the amount of rainfall that we should see in metropolitan El Paso, we should have seen 2.25-inches of rain and we have only seen a third of an inch of rain,” said Laney.

According to the specialist, if the Borderland doesn’t see any relief any time soon, the Borderland may have to wait until monsoon season — from June 15 through Sept. 30 — in order to see a nice measurable rainfall.