Last night, I shamelessly used my own forecast for storms to prep my lawn for summer. (Evil laugh here!!) Before the t-showers, I applied an over-seeding of fresh Texas Bermuda grass seed and fertilizer. The natural nitrogen in rainfall does more for lawns, trees, and shrubs than anything manmade, so I woke up to a very green lawn.

TONIGHT:  Tonight, a very different night.  We’ll see a slight chance of isolated area showers early in the evening with clearing skies overnight.  The low will be 61, and the SW winds will range from 5-10 mph.

FORECAST:  Monday will be mostly sunny and will feel much drier.  The SW winds will range from 5-20 mph, and the high will go up to 91.  Tuesday will be sunny and even warmer with a high of 94.  Wednesday will be sunny and 95.  Thursday will be mostly sunny and 96.  Friday will be sunny and 93. Saturday will be partly cloudy and a little windy with a high of 93.  Sunday will be partly cloudy with moderate winds a high of 92.  Memorial Day will be partly cloudy and 89.